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Anzio ebikeis the leader in premium electric commuter bikes with unparalleled technology and performance capabilities. Designed, manufacture for the highest quality standards and seamless integration. Blurring the lines between luxury and utility, Anzio e bikes are the best in their class with the most powerful yet silent motors and batteries available. The anzio e bike is a zippy, fun and powerful bike that might trick you into thinking you are playing when you are actually running errands around town. When I rode this Anzio e bike, the first thing I noticed was how smoothly the bike powered from a stopped position. The second thing I noticed was its superb ability to climb hills.

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Many of our customers use electric bikes for commuting, vacationing, or just cruising around the park. If you're thinking about buying an electric bicycle, you can read some electric bike reviews below to learn how some of our customers are using their bikes.

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eBike4Fun Company offers the latest technology in the electric bike industry.  Our core values focus on the quality, efficiency, and reliability of our product so that our customers can enjoy their electric bike experience.

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All I wanted was to go on Sunday family bike rides. Well, my wife has an allergy to working out so getting her to bike with the kids and I was a constant argument. So one day I surprised her with an Anzio ebike and we’ve never had so much quality time together as a family. With the ability to pedal when you want and have the electric pedal system come in when you don’t, my wife doesn’t even realize she’s getting in a great workout. She just thinks it is a fun way to spend time as a family.

"Once my driver’s license got suspended I thought I might lose my job because I didn’t have a way to get to work. Since you don’t need a license to operate an eBike, it turned a bad problem in to great solution! Not only do I not have to wait for the bus but I can put as much or as little energy into riding that bike that I can get to work and not need to shower from a hard workout”. John  R

 electric bicycles offer the same great benefits as traditional bicycles including cost savings (no licensing or insurance required), improved health and connection with community.

I have this bike and LOVE IT I ride it 11 miles to work (20th and Baseline, to ASU) and arrive with plenty of juice. I expect it would go about 15-20 miles on a charge. It is perfect in my opinion. It has 4 levels of power assist, which kick in at the appropriate levels. You easily do 25mph in top power assist. In level 0 of power assist it is a regular bike, but a heavy one; but then you use the throttle and can run it without pedaling at all. Which is nice for eating up boring stretches of Prince Road etc. It came very well packages, and already nicely assembled with small things to put on (pedals and handlebars). The choice of components is just right -- shifters are great. The only things where they seem to have cut corners is (a) the front chain ring is a bit non-fancy (but who cares it is just the front chain ring and you don't shift it, it is a single-speed in front, 7-speed in read) and (b) the front headlamp included, you probably want to solder or crimp on the electric plugs. These are nitpicks. Bottom line - tires are great, wheels are great, brakes (disk) are great and quiet, motor is AWESOME, gearing is AWESOME, speed is AWESOME, looks are AWESOME, battery is (so far) AWESOME, and the price is SUPER AWESOME. I was ready to be a bit disappointed because it was so inexpensive, but am not in the least. I think it is probably comparable to bikes costing twice as much. The mid-drive motor is just the bomb. Get ready to go 25mph routinely on your commute. Erigo

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Our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers by providing the highest quality in electric bikes at an affordable price so you and planet Earth can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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